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Ways to Renew your Passion for Work

25 May Ways to Renew your Passion for Work

Everybody loses that streak of passion for his job once in a while. This feeling does not choose any age or social status. At one point in your life, you would feel burned out, and your lack of motivation would show. When you feel tired and uneasy at work, you would not be able to concentrate on the things at hand. It would feel as if you want to leave your workplace pronto. Stress would take its toll on you and your job.

But do not despair. You can still change your mindset. Here are helpful ways to renew your passion and love for your work and maintain a work life balance.

1. Reflect on what made you work in the first place.

Whatever goal you had in mind when you first stepped into the rat race is fundamental in determining your next career move. If you worked solely for money, then nobody could contest you with that. Perhaps you needed the money because you were investing on a property, or perhaps your family needs it.

If you worked because you wanted to use this job as a stepping stone, then remind yourself of this goal every day. You may not choose the circumstances happening at work, but you can choose to be steadfast in dealing with office intrigues and a stressful workload.

2. Step away from the workload for a while and take a breather.

All work and no play will make you a dull employee. When you work nonstop for five days in a week, chances are you’ll feel tired in no time. It is essential that you give yourself a time out. Spend your day off in a quiet place. Use your leaves to retreat or meditate somewhere.

You may also simply spend every day after office hours in the park and stare at the people strolling. Such activity will relax the mind and soothe your nerves and put back your work life balance. You could also take a trip to an exotic country and just mingle with other people there. The change of scenery and culture will be good for you.

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3. Change your routine

Do you go to work in a cab? Why not try taking the train next time? You could also bike on your way to work just to spice things up. Look at how your normal day goes in the cubicle. Try changing the routine – ask a shy colleague to coffee during your break. Break your working pace every two hours. Listen to music while typing on the keyboard.

4. De-clutter your office space

Sometimes you feel stressed when you see a lot of files and folders strewn all over your desk. Your mind feels cluttered all the same. Stack up your files and arrange them neatly. Give your desk some room to breathe. Put away the stuff that you don’t really need. It will also help if you can strategically arrange your files.

For example, your calendar and to-do notes should be positioned where you can always see them. This way, you remind yourself that you must accomplish something for the day. You can also bring out the files that need attention for a certain day. A messy desk affects people psychologically. It makes them think they can do more, but when they catch a sight of the numerous things they have to finish, they lose the heart to do them.

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5. Put up a mood board

Your mood board is a collage of all the things you want to achieve for a certain period. On a corkboard, pin photos of things that motivate you to work. For example, a mansion by the coast, a Mercedes Benz, the picture of your family and your dog will help ground and remind you to push yourself above stress and other unhealthy feelings.

The mood board is also great for creative visualization. It is believed that what your mind projects, you achieve. So why not manifest your desires to the universe and ask its help to achieve it through your current job?

6. Meet new people in your workplace

After years of working with the same people, you might find the office setup tiring and boring. However, there are other colleagues you may not have met yet. There are offices you haven’t visited, and other employees you have no idea about. Meeting and seeing fresh faces will help you discover the other aspects of your job.

7. Integrate your hobby into your job

This may seem a bit tricky, but it works just the same. Suppose you are a digital content editor and your hobby includes writing for your personal blog. Whenever you feel burned out in your job, allow yourself to kick up your habit one notch and make it work for you. In the example, you may be interested to write related content to what you have just edited. The prize takes on two: you work and you work on your hobby.

Yoga - Exercise help balance your mind

8. Exercise before you go to work

You need to manage your time to pull this off. Wake up earlier than usual, then jog around your neighborhood. Walk your pet, too, or walk on your own treadmill. You can also exercise after your work hours. Hit the gym after relaxing for a couple of hours. The exercise produces endorphins (or the so-called ‘happy hormones’) that will not only give you a healthy glow, but will also boost your energy and happiness level which will result to work life balance.

9. Create new projects for your team

One of the things why employees get stressed or demotivated in their respective jobs is the fact that they cannot do what they were supposed to do. Consider getting a degree, just to be reduced to someone who runs errands and photocopies documents in the office. But when you create new projects, even if these projects are not funded by the company, supervisors will start noticing your passion for what you do.

10. Be generally nice

A simple greeting to everyone in your office brightens up their mood and yours as well. This mood changes the course of the day and lightens the workload. Just ignore those colleagues who get in your nerves.

11. Keep a mantra and an open mind

You cannot choose your boss and your office mates, but you can be nice towards them. This is hard work, but it will be better for you and your job. Whenever you feel annoyed or antagonistic, say a mantra for yourself (e.g. “I can finish my tasks without the negative vibes”). It’s all a matter of how you react towards your job. Trust yourself that your job will love you more if you love it, too.