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Work Life Balance

Life is not only work and study, there are other parts that you have to balance to improve your productivities and make your life more happy.


April 16, 2016

Work Life Balance
About This Project

The Cloud Planner also was designed to motivate your daily life. For you who want to be success, you who want to hit the goals, planner would help your creating and walking you to that defined goals and make your dream comes true. I believed that writing could create picture and motivation better than just an idea and let the idea floating around without actual action. Cloud planner provides you the daily plan spaces to let you work with the idea, planning, writing up your experiences and daily goals; then define what you needed to do to get to those. Because I believe writing will create inspiration and new creative. Writing creates clear image in your brain which supported by many researches which mentioned that success started from writing up clear goals on the paper.