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08 May How To Focus On Your Life Goals And Achieve It Faster

How To Focus On Your Life Goals And Achieve It Faster


Life in itself can be overwhelming. With all the small daily tasks that need to be accomplished both at work and at home, it is easy to lose touch of the bigger goals you have set in your life. But there are a few things that can help you live each day towards achieving these life goals.

Make your goals visible

List down your goals or make a vision board using pictures. Place it where you are most likely to see it every day. It could be in your office desk, your dresser, the car, or even in the bathroom. Make sure you put it in an area where you are most likely to think and linger. Do not put it in the hallway or door where you are most likely to just pass by it without glancing at it or giving it a thought.

Making your goals visible subconsciously provides a visual reminder that you have a goal that you want to achieve. If you are not reminded of your life goals every day, it gets even harder and longer to achieve it. The small everyday distractions of life can make you lose track of the bigger goals.

Plan it and do your research

When it comes to life goals, you don’t just wish for something and wait for it to come into your life. You have to do something to direct your life towards it. And just like any project, it all starts with planning. It is not enough to want it. You have to know how you will get it.

Do you want to be free from renting apartments and finally own a house? Go online and search about the real estate market. Talk to a real estate agent. Check the requirements for housing loans. Research the best location for you to purchase a house.

Want to get a family car? Check out the latest car models and its prices. Check for promos and payment options. Talk to a car dealer. See what’s available on your bank’s list of repossessed cars.

Even if you’re not ready to purchase it yet, the researched information will help you get a clearer picture of how you are going to get it. This is part of goal setting. Most of the time, great opportunities open up for those who are constantly seeking and searching.

Life Goals
Life Goals

Daily affirmations

It is easy to lose sight of your life goals if you wake up every day feeling unmotivated. Saying positive daily affirmations upon waking up in the morning can help stimulate the mind and direct it towards your goals. The thing about affirmations is that it is meant to strengthen one’s belief system so that tasks become easier and more achievable. Make a list of positive affirmations specific to your goals and chant it in the morning or during idle moments of the day.


Focus on the most achievable life goal first

People tend to create a bucket list and find out years later that they have done absolutely nothing from the list. The reality is, some life goals change over time and others are simply too challenging. What happens is that the feeling of hopelessness and underachievement sets in, leaving you feeling like a loser in life.

When making a list of life goals, it is important to focus on the most achievable ones first before moving on to the bigger ones. Don’t focus on ‘#1 Buy a house with a yard’ when you can easily achieve ‘#16 Go rock climbing’. Accomplishing the smaller goals first will help you build your self-confidence and belief in your abilities to obtain the bigger ones.
If the Caribbean cruise seems unattainable in the next few years, go for a local sight that is as grand as the seas of the Caribbean. But continue to plan for the dream cruise. See this as a practice run before the actual marathon.

Have a separate savings to fund your dreams

Surely, your dreams will require a certain amount of money, no matter how simple or grand it is. It would help to include it in your personal budget to make the plans even more concrete. Every payday, allot a small amount of money for the realization of your goals. When your plans are already laid out and you are seeing your savings also building up, you will start to feel that your dreams are starting to become attainable with just a little more push.


Talk about your dreams

When you talk about your dreams passionately to concerned people, especially friends and loved ones, you attract energy that makes these dreams achievable. You also tend to attract people who can somehow help you achieve your dreams little by little. When you talk about your dreams with a certain glow and passion, people will usually want to help you. They connect you to people of common interests or those who can provide in-depth information. They can even connect you to people who can help finance it if needed.

No shortcut to success

Change your life if necessary

Your ultimate life goal is to live a simple life in a farm but you have a blossoming career in the city? It is painful when you realize that your ultimate dream in life is a far contradiction to the life you are currently living. In such cases, you have to ask yourself, “What will make you truly happy?”

Sometimes, there are things in life that needs to be sacrificed in order to give way to new things. If you feel that the life you are living is preventing you from achieving your life goal, then now is the time to plan some changes. Where do you want to have a house with a farm? What would be your alternative source of income when you are already living far from the city?

Some life goals are truly magical when you are still fantasizing about it in your head, but very difficult to apply in reality. Thus, firm decisions are necessary in order to achieve your life goals faster.